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LEGITAB has advised in the most complex and high-profile matters and is committed to providing excellent lawyering, tailored commercial solutions, and unrivalled client service.

The LEGITAB offers a wide range of legal services to its national and foreign clients across a broad spectrum of sectors.

NRI Services

Time and again, Indian history shows us that the people of India has wanted to settle outside the country. In today’s times, the trend of settling outside has become so prevalent that one of every 5 families is settled outside. The Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) face a lot of difficulties in terms of legal hurdles and communication gaps. Therefore, now and then NRIs need to consult a legal professional that helps them find solutions to their problems. Some of the legal issues faced by the NRIs are disputes regarding property, Partition in the ancestral property, divorce, child custody, and transfer of property. All these issues are relevant because the NRIs are often unaware of the Indian laws or are new to the legal system of India. There might be other issues as well for those who do not wish to move back to India or those who are moving back.

We at Legitab deal with all kinds of cases involving the NRIs dealing with multiple Indian authorities and the laws. Legitab believes in providing clients with the most efficient, experienced, and profound services. Our clients do not have to visit India or Indian courts for the cases they are involved in because we handle these cases on behalf of our clients. We introduce our clients to relevant people in the process and make the legal hurdles easier and convenient for them. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals provides legal solutions to the NRIs in the most efficient manner. 

We at Legitab represent our clients in various courts in various legal disputes and cases. We also do documentation such as filing of Written statements, reply affidavits, Wills, Power of Attorney, Adoption papers, immigration and citizenship issue, criminal matters, appeals, writ petitions, landlord-tenant dispute, Property management, company formation, etc. Our clients have also faced matrimonial issues and we have successfully been able to advise them in that regard. We at Legitab ensure you that we take efforts to resolve as many issues as we can by adopting amicable settlements through alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. We ensure your safety and peace of mind during the legal battles.

Immigration Law

With the advent of globalization, people began migrating to other countries in huge numbers for better opportunities. Immigration refers to the movement of people from one place to another. This is generally done for long term settlement. A lot of Indians move to other places whereas a lot of people immigrate to India. India is a country with diverse ethnic and religious groups. It offers a variety of attractions from immigrants from other countries. The main challenge for the immigrants is to acquire citizenship of the host country and avail the fundamental rights of that country. Immigration laws address these kinds of issues. The immigrants often are even sometimes faced with an illegal stamp on their immigration. This leads to numerous other problems for them. Sometimes even the legally migrated people are confronted with issues that pose challenges to their migration.

We at Legitab assure you the most efficient service of all time. Our professionals are one of the best in the industry. They assess the case and provide a clear road map through the complexities of the immigration law so that the objectives of the clients are met. Our associates and attorneys have previously handled immigration cases with a lot of in-depth research and understanding of the case along with their positive and responsive approach towards the problem and the client. We offer varied services such as documentation and application assistance, compliance-related work, assistance in the application of filing of Overseas Citizenship of India cards, long-term visa, visitor visa, medical visa, etc. We also represent our clients in various courts related to Indian immigration and provide them with the most trustworthy relationship of all times. We at Legitab take into consideration all these issues and advise our clients on the laws and policies of the host country on immigration and citizenship. The Indian immigration laws are governed by the provisions of the Constitution of India. 


Business Structuring and Restructuring

Business Structuring and Restructuring is also known as corporate restructuring. We at Legitab provide services related to this domain.  The corporate restructuring allows companies to cut out business practices while they are hitting their all-time low. Restructuring in such circumstances allows a company to be viable again to perform their functions. It is also to keep in mind that an unsuccessful restructuring can completely push the client out of business and hence, we at Legitab present to the clients the most desired and customized restructuring that will help the company to be functional again. We structure, organize, and prepare for the restructuring process.

Business restructuring generally takes place when a company is going bankrupt or facing other financial losses that will turn the company into nothing. Restructuring is the process of giving back life to the company that is falling apart. A company doesn’t need to be bankrupt for business restructuring to happen. It is a process that helps in the reorganization of debts, financial relations, legal, ownership, operation, and other structures of the company to make it more profitable and meet the company requirements and market needs.

Business restructuring can be of two types, financial restructuring, and operational restructuring. Financial and debt restructuring is a key that the companies begin their process with. Essentially it requires consolidation of funds and adjusting the terms of debts carried out by the company and recapitalizing. This also involves the availability of new loans, private placements, debt rescheduling, and equity for debt swaps. Operational restructuring on the other hand requires changing the management and operational function of the company. It is not enough for the company to get back in the market or survive. Therefore, it is usually the operational restructuring along with the financial and debt restructuring that helps the companies revive. During the process of restructuring, a company may face retention of little claims on already acquired goods, as this is a common term in contracts. This can hurt the entire process with the maximum potential if not dealt with forcefully. We at Legitab help in the proper restructuring of the businesses and ensure full security while doing so.

NGO Services

Non-Governmental Organizations are citizen-based associations that operate independently of the government. The government of India has no role in the operations of these organizations. They are formed to serve one or more social purposes. These NGOs have been classified by the World Bank as either operational or advocacy NGOs. The operational NGOs are concerned with the developmental projects whereas the advocacy NGOs are primarily concerned with promoting a social cause.

We at Legitab help these NGOs in setting up their services or registration of the NGOs. The Indian Non-governmental Organization can be set up under various Indian laws. These NGOs can get themselves registered under the Civil Society Registration Act, 1860. Also, they can get themselves registered under the Public Charitable Trust. The Indian Companies Act also talks about setting up of the charitable trusts and NGOs under section 25 of the Companies Act. These laws are the most basic laws for the functioning of the NGOs and we at Legitab help these NGOs understand these laws and regulations and procedures.

We at Legitab assist these NGOs in the setting up of their NGO for the promotion of the social cause or as their attorneys. There are various laws under which we guide them for a better understanding of the legal system such as the modes, methods, procedural formalities, and the process of documentation. We also help them in getting the big multinational companies to agree to sponsor them for the CSR services. We assist in the negotiation process, convincing process, and finally the documentation process once the companies have agreed to perform CSR with our NGO clients. We also help the NGOs regarding the benchmark required for registration. Our professionals including the legal professionals help the NGOs to meet the requirement or requisite criteria for tax exemptions for noble causes. We also assist in the incorporation of NGOs and compliance related to applicable laws, audits, taxation, and other routine compliances.

Drafting and Vetting

Drafting and vetting of contracts have been one of the most important things in the legal industry. Contracts have always been a crucial aspect of commercial litigation. In this era of commercialization, all businesses need and intend to enter into perfect contracts that people of ordinary prudence can understand and can wilfully comprehend.

The contracts are drafted in a legally sound mind with detailed intricacies to stipulate the parties, to meet the object of such a contract. Drafting and vetting of contracts become important for minimizing the risk resulting from the inconsistent language of the contract. Therefore, a legal compliance officer has to be hired for the process of drafting and vetting of contracts. The time and resources spent during the careful drafting of contracts/agreements can save corporations and businesses from different legal hurdles. We at Legitab are highly experienced in drafting and vetting contracts for clients.

We at Legitab are commercially aware of the hurdles that one might face when not sensibly vetting and drafting contracts. Therefore, we invest a lot of energy, resources, and time into performing drafting and vetting of contracts to avoid legal hurdles. Our highly experienced professionals create contracts according to the will of the parties to protect the client from all angles and all stages of contract execution: pre-drafting, signing, and till the contract is fully executed.

Various clauses are added to the contract while drafting such as Jurisdictional clause, commercial terms, dispute resolution mechanisms, termination clauses, IP ownership, confidentiality, technology transfer, distributorship, force majeure, trademark protection, escrow, etc. wherever relevant. Complete contracts are drafted and vetted by our professionals and things are taken into consideration to make a contract complete in itself. Our firm also deals with drafting e-contracts. The Firm is conversant with all the requirements of e-contracts and the special clauses that need to be incorporated such as the Terms of Use, privacy policy, terms and conditions, terms of service, definition clauses, and all types of issues that arise. Laws such as the Information Technology Act, Contract Act, among others are supplementary to the Contract Act.

Civil Litigation

We at Legitab are involved in dealing with several civil litigation cases. We advise companies, government as well as the individual clients concerning their civil litigation matters. We appear in different courts ranging from the Supreme court, High Court, district courts, Consumer Dispute forum (National, State, District), the Central Administrative Tribunal, the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, Company Law Board, etc. We also handle cases involved in telecommunications disputes, electricity disputes, etc.

We at Legitab are a bunch of experienced professionals and lawyers that work together for the maximum benefit of the clients. We represent our clients in all types of civil litigation pan India. Our team has a wide variety of experienced professionals for different types of civil litigation matters. Civil litigation and commercial litigation can be often confused to be the same but they are not. We at Legitab deal with both civil and commercial litigation. The subject matter of the litigation can be as varied as Constitutional law, family law, company laws, service law, banking and finance laws, Agreement or Contract disputes, property suit, recovery, suits, and even Intellectual property suits come within the ambit of Civil Litigation.

We at Legitab provide all kinds of services such as drafting of Special Leave Petitions, Transfer Petitions, Writ Petitions, Appeals, Matrimonial Disputes documents such as divorce documents and custody of children. Our clients have previously also filed for suits for injunctions, recovery suits, execution, and objections of the arbitral awards, consumer complaints, partition suits, property disputes, suit for specific performance of the contract, and many more. Our practice area within civil litigation also extends to the drafting of legal notices, summons and we have also dealt with environment-related cases, motor accident cases, suit for eviction or mesne profits or suits relate to trusts.

Dispute Resolution

The civil litigation matters and the commercial litigation matters sometimes cannot be resolved through courts, therefore the existence of the dispute resolution mechanisms lay a lot of role in determining the outcome of the case. In today’s world where commercial litigation is so complex and time-consuming, clients would always require professionals and result in oriented services. Then sometimes the delay in litigation can be caused due to the pendency of the cases in the courts and the factors connected thereto. Our professionals try our best to make it happen as quickly as possible through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We at Legitab not only provide these services but also develop a fiduciary relationship with the client.

We at Legitab believe that the dispute resolution mechanisms are the alternatives to the traditional dispute resolution. These mechanisms comprise negotiations, conciliations, mediations, and arbitrations. These are proved to be more effective and faster than civil or commercial litigation. It is important to note that these resolution mechanisms are not available in case of criminal cases. This is because criminal cases do not come under the purview of civil and commercial litigation. Also, criminal cases involve offenses that are bailable and non-bailable in nature, therefore there is no scope for the alternative dispute resolution. Criminal cases are dealt under the purview of the Indian Penal code and Code of Criminal Procedure only. There can be no alternatives to criminal litigation.

At Legitab we not only provide these services but also have the skills and training required to perform these mechanisms on the behalf of the client. Our professionals and lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to successfully engage in ADR proceedings while providing you with the guidance, experience, and representation of counsel without the costs of a trial. We not only provide you with assistance in the proceedings but also have a list of trained arbitrators and mediators to resolve disputes between the parties. For more information, you can contact us at the email address given below.

Criminal Law

Legitab also provides for criminal litigation services. We encourage our clients not to engage in criminal activities. Going to jail has always been a taboo and will remain the same. The focus of our team in criminal litigation is always to keep our clients out of jail and keeping their criminal records clean. We provide solutions to every criminal act committed but the solutions for each of these acts differ in nature. If the client is facing criminal charges or is undergoing investigation the solutions for them will be totally different because in these situations the potentiality of ending up in jail becomes much higher than the cases where it is just anticipation of landing up in jail. If anybody commits a criminal offense and proved guilty, then the marks of these charges hang on to the criminal for a period of a lifetime. We at Legitab prevent our clients from entering into that category. We as professionals help the clients in protecting their rights as criminal defendants and ensure that you get the best defense out of the case.

Different services are required by different clients. We practice a wide area in criminal litigation as well. Our services include drafting of the bail petition and bail hearings, post-conviction relief, narcotics violations, money laundering, theft, sexual assault and harassment, domestic violence, rape, assault, and battery, driving under the influence of alcohol, juvenile criminal defense, and many others.

The Criminal practice of the firm also includes all the crimes as mentioned under the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. We at Legitab aim to provide the best services in the country and are renowned for our criminal practice. We ensure that your interests will be served as our own interest and we will represent you in the court of law.

White-Collar Crime Investigation

The rise in technological advancements has given rise to several new crimes in the 20th century. When the crimes become new, the techniques to handle them should also become new. Therefore, We at Legitab update ourselves and our services from time to time to deal with such crimes. One such crime is White Collar Crime. The nature of these crimes is extremely difficult to comprehend. In addition to that, the criminal framework in India is extremely complex in nature. In these circumstances of growing complexities in the criminal system, the white-collar crimes come as even more prosecutions crime. The rise in the number of complex businesses and the technology has led to the development of white-collar crimes which are far more complex to understand. Therefore several businesses require attorneys to handle such complexities of the law. We at Legitab provide advisory to our clients on all aspects of such criminal investigations and proceedings both at the individual and institutional levels.

Corporate frauds, corruption, accounting frauds, insider trading, data privacy protection, etc. are all covered under the ambit of White Collar crimes in India. The foreign statutes such as the FCPA, UKBA, money laundering, and corporate compliance are also covered under the ambit of white-collar crimes. We at Legitab have expertise in both the litigation aspects of representing the client in white-collar crime matters and also at the preventive and prosecution stages.

Our professionals advise clients both at national and international levels. We assist them in creating internal audits and create risk management and mitigation strategies. We also assist in investigations and criminal trials of the clients about the wrongdoings of the promoters and the other persons related to the company. We also provide our services in cases of protection of personal liberty and blacklisting of contracts.

Family Law

Legitab understands the importance of a family. However, there are times when the family also faces several legal issues. They are covered under the different family laws of India. Our legal professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise of the Family laws and have dealt with several of them in the past. Legitab’s legal professionals provide services about the Marriage Registration, matters related to Will, Special Marriage Act, matters concerning adoption and guardianship. There are different laws to be followed for different religions in the country. Therefore, we expertise in all kinds of family laws. We also deal in Prohibition of the Dowry and the Indian Divorce Act. We also believe that the laws of the country lie not only in the statutes but also in the people of the country. In India, there are diverse religious practices and therefore different laws have to be followed for different religions.

We deal with matters concerning the enforcement of rights related to marriage such as the restitution of conjugal rights, divorce, dissolution of marriage, maintenance, guardianship of the child before various family courts. We also extensively deal with the issues of domestic violence and the protection of women under the Domestic Violence Act. We also prosecute and defend certain cases under the Hindu Marriage Act for the relief of the restitution of conjugal rights, divorce by mutual consent, etc. We also deal with the prosecution and defense of cases under the Mohammedan Law, for the relief of restitution of conjugal rights, divorce on various grounds, maintenance, guardianship, and various other declarations. We at Legitab ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the client are kept confidential and intact. We do not provide access to sensitive personal information to any third party and not even the members of Legitab not involved in the case. Therefore, clients can freely approach us in a fiduciary capacity while keeping intact the professional capacity.

Competition Law

We at Legitab deal with Competition and Antitrust cases as well. Our professionals regularly represent the clients in the various stages of investigations and litigation proceedings before the Competition Commission of India, the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, various High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India. The subject matter of competition law comes into being when the mergers and acquisitions take place. The Competition Commission of India is a proper statutory authority to adjudicate upon the Merger and acquisition matters. We, at Legitab advise them beyond the merger filings before the CCI. We handle subject matters such as the cartels, cartel investigation, and litigation. We also provide the defense to cartel complaints, collation of information, and assist the clients in representing them before the regulator and preparation of the leniency petitions. We also provide strong litigation practices, including filing before the NCLAT, High courts, and Supreme Court. Our clients have shown immense trust in us and have also taken our advice and assistance in the identification of the potential cartel scenarios. We have also filed various complaints against such potential cartel scenarios.

Our team has also helped in defending cases related to abuse of dominant position and monopolies in the market before the CCI. Our clients also take advice related to the competition law and filing of certain competition and merger assessments. We deal with a variety of issues in competition law including Transactions, litigation, and consulting. We give a general advisory on compliance matters. In addition to the general advisory, we also represent our clients in the court of law. We also file for the clients and engage in transactional matters. Our team of professionals and experts are involved in dealing with cases from various assignments across industries such as the FMCG industry, automobile sector, lotteries, pharmaceuticals, etc. We have been closely involved in dealing with competition issues.

Employment and Compensation

Employment laws in India are one of the most widespread areas of law. We at Legitab provide all services related to labor and employment laws. The statutes that govern this area of law are the Minimum Wages Act 1948, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Factories Act 1948, Trade Union Act 1926, Industrial Disputes Act 1947, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923 etc. these laws deal with cases related to minimum wages or minimum salary, or employment issues, additional employment benefits such as maternity leave, compensation, gratuity benefits, retirement schemes, etc.

Legtiab render services in various aspects such as the draft of the employment agreements, appointment letters, offers for consultants, termination of employment, fixing up of salaries, etc. It also advises clients on employment laws, disciplinary proceedings, employee rights, employment, and service contracts. Our professionals also have expertise in assisting in the implementation, monitoring, and enforcement policies dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace. We also assist in deciding company employment policies such as employee privacy and family leave. Statutory benefits such as the provident fund and other investment options are also looked into by the professionals we have in the services we offer.

We also possess expertise in representing clients in contract labor-related issues such as the claim of contract labor for industrialization, advice on EPF for national as well as international workers, drafting, and conducting audits on trade secret protection issues. We also represent clients in various courts regarding industrial disputes such as strikes, lockout, retrenchment, settlement, closure of establishments, etc. There are various types of matters that can be covered in this area. We at Legitab are here to serve our clients with the most efficient and result-oriented functioning in place. Our firm is known to be one of the recognized firms for employment and compensation matters.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property has been one of the most exciting areas of practice for us at Legitab. We aim to protect all your intellectual property on a priority basis. The emergence of the global economy has led us to be liberalized in terms of trade and economic opportunities. Experts of Legitab are participants at major Intellectual Property events happening all over the world. We also hold the knowledge of the recent trends of intellectual property laws within India and beyond.

The laws relating to intellectual property are constantly changing and evolving. This leads to a lot of change in the intellectual property regime as well. India is currently active in the protection of its intellectual properties and having expertise in this area helps our professionals to sustain themselves in the market. We are one of the most known intellectual property lawyers in the country. Changes are always accompanied by opportunities and new sets of responsibilities towards them. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for our clients to be aware of the intellectual property laws and protect their intellectual property.

We at Legitab help you to leverage the protected intellectual property into financial gains and help to develop strategies to maximize the benefits out of it. We also create IP portfolios and clients’ IP profiles. Obtaining the protection of intellectual property is only the first step in gaining the maximum economic benefits of intellectual property. We have built long-lasting relationships with our clients through the protection of their intellectual property. We not only help our clients build their IP portfolios in India but also abroad through various international treaties and conventions. Different kinds of IP include trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents, plant varieties, and geographical indications. All these have their own set of procedural rules and regulations to be followed and we at legitab possess expertise in it.